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    QUANTICA Renovables is a company specialized in solar engineering that offers all the possibilities of access to photovoltaic self-consumption to homes and companies.

    QUANTICA Renovables puts the Sun at the service of its customers, offering comprehensive management of any self-consumption project, advising, designing, financing and installing photovoltaic solar energy according to the real needs of any family or company.

    At QUANTICA Renovables we promote and facilitate the use of renewable energies, adapting reality to a sustainable future and contributing to family, business and circular economic development while reducing the environmental impact of the Spanish energy sector.

    QUANTICA Renovables is a brand belonging to the QUANTUM Group, a group of solar energy companies of 100% Andalusian origin, founded by Alfonso Garcés López-Alonso, who since 2017 have led the Energy Transition in Andalusia and the Valencian Community allowing to switch to Solar Self-consumption to more than 2.000 homes and businesses.

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    The mission of QUANTICA Renovables is to put the Sun at the service of its customers, promote self-consumption and energy efficiency, bring photovoltaic technology to homes and companies and promote the use of renewable energies as an alternative to fossil fuels.

    QUANTICA Renovables offers personalized advice and executes the development and construction of photovoltaic solar installations, seeking energy savings and reducing GHG emissions (Greenhouse Gases) and the carbon footprint to make our planet an environmentally sustainable place for current generations and to come.


    QUANTICA Renovables wants to be play an important part in the Energy Transition in Spain, favoring that self-consumption is a visible and unhindered reality and so that renewable energies are the fundamental source of energy for families and companies.

    Betting on photovoltaic self-consumption is not only a risk-free option with high profitability, it is also a clear contribution to the change in the energy model and a boost to employment and research for the national technology sector.

    At QUANTICA Renovables we promote self-consumption so that each family and each company produces by itself the clean energy that it needs for its home or business, is energetically empowered and has access to savings, efficiency, well-being and the freedom of photovoltaic solar energy.


    Grupo QUANTUM was born in a self-financed way at the end of 2016 with the trade name Quantum Energía Verde, the result of the union of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector at a national and international level.

    From its origin, QUANTUM had the vision and commitment to build a sustainable energy future, offering its customers the highest quality, guarantees and a fair price in terms of technology, solutions and possibilities of photovoltaic solar energy.

    In the last 4 years, QUANTUM has been a key player in the development of self-consumption and the energy transition in Andalusia, where the company has offices in Seville and Malaga. In 2020 QUANTUM opened its headquarters in Castellón and now enters the competitive photovoltaic market in the Valencian Community.

    In 2021 the QUANTICA Renovables brand was born as a teaching to bring self-consumption to all the communities and provinces of Spain.


    Appreciated @ friend. I wish you are well in these moments. Sunday February 14, 2021 was a special day for us. In addition to the famous Valentine’s Day, it was World Energy Day and it seemed like the ideal date to officially communicate a change, which we had been preparing for months.

    For more than 4 years Grupo Quantum has promoted and led the Energy Transition on the ground as one of the main players, connecting more than 1,500 homes and companies to the Sun.

    To advance this cause and take Self-consumption where it is needed, QUANTICA Renovables was born, a brand with which Grupo Quantum consolidates the main activity of carrying out turnkey projects for industrial, corporate and individual clients nationwide.

    Grupo Quantum creates with QUANTICA Renovables new areas of activity, expanding the value circuit for its customers: offering not only engineering and installation, but also innovative financing alternatives at the service of any family, professional or business. Ultimately, making it possible to make the Sun a service in more places, for more people, for more companies.

    During all this time we have learned, improved and grown as a company and as a team. They have been years of enormous intensity and enthusiasm in which we have established ourselves as one of the most technical, solvent and reliable companies in the dynamic Spanish #photovoltaic sector.

    It seems fair to remember that this growth has had and has a main reason: YOU. You and many like you are directly responsible for producing the change that will be historically remembered as #EnergyTransition and that will bring with it a more prosperous, conscious and livable world..

    We know that the road to that better world has only just begun and that the journey will be long and will not be easy. It is also a necessary journey that we must all undertake together and that benefits the greatest adventures, deserves to have the best travel companions.

    We are counting on you.

    Alfonso Garcés López-Alonso

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